Sanctuary of Truth Pattaya

Sanctuary of Truth Pattaya


Sanctuary of Truth 

Sanctuary of Truth is called in Thai as Prasat Sut Ja-Tum. Prasat means castle, while Sut Ja-tum means philosophy. Sanctuary of Truth‘s height is over 105 meters in 2 Rai. The visitor will see the rich architectural heritage of Thailand from Sanctuary of Truth. All of architecture are mainly constructed by wooden carve sculpture. The delicate decoration imply to the civilization of Ayutthaya era in 400 years ago. Sanctuary of Truth also involved with Khmer architecture or Cambodian style as same as the imperial setting at Angkor. Moreover, there are four gopura which represent Buddhist, Hindu religious and, mythologies of our neighborhood courtiers such as Cambodia, China, India and Thailand.  With eastern philosophy, human cannot live with seven creators. Sanctuary of Truth present seven creators through carved wood sculptures which consist of Stars, Heaven, Earth, Father, Mother and Moon, Sun. Each of creator provides different meaning. For example, the sun represent the honor and social status.

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The purpose to construct Sanctuary of Truth is to present the eastern philosophy, ancient knowledge, ancient life, the way of living, basic thought and others. Sanctuary of Truth also present the Ancient vision of Earth.

Sanctuary of Truth

Apart from the stunning architecture, you can sightseeing around Sanctuary of Truth Pattaya by riding elephants or horses. You can ask this personal service from the officers. The elephants ride normally will take about 30 minute per round, while horse ride take approximately 15 minutes. All of animal rides are controlled by specialists. Another choice for tourist is taking speed boat to sightseeing around Sanctuary of Truth. You will see scenic view of Sanctuary of Truth in another point of view. Additionally, you will enjoy the wind against your face which truly refresh your day.

There are also another performance for the visitors. You can experience the dolphin show nearby Sanctuary of Truth area. The dolphin will have a show twice a day at 11.30 and 15.30 daily. The show is provided next to Sanctuary of Truth at the lagoon. You should not miss this show when you visit Sanctuary of Truth. There is no require for extra ticket to see the dolphin show. It is free of charge.

Sanctuary of Truth Pattaya

Sanctuary of Truth has been developed and repaired over decades. The central government plan to complete all decoration and construction by 2025. When you visit there, you have to wear helmet for safety. Although, Sanctuary of Truth is under construction, you would not be disappointed to visit there.

How to go there?

Sanctuary of Truth is situated at the rocky point at northern Pattaya which is in the NaKlua District. You can take Songtaew or local taxi service to go there.  If you drive from Bangkok, you can fellow Sukhumvit Road and head to Pattaya Naklua Road.  Sanctuary of Truth is in Naklua soi 2 nearby Loma Circle.

Opening hours

Sanctuary of Truth is opened daily from 8 am to 5 pm. For the entrance fee is 700 baht and 450 baht for adult and child respectively. The English tour is included in the admission fee.

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