Art in Paradise Park Pattaya

Art in Paradise Park Pattaya


Art in Paradise Park

Art in Paradise work is another important attractions that you should visit when you come to Pattaya. Even you are not the art people, you will have a wonderful time there with your loves.  The highlight of this attraction is that you can pose and take a picture with 3D illusion painting. You can touch the paintings as if you were part of them.

Art in Paradise Park is the first 3D illusion museum in Thailand. Art in Paradise Park has operated since 2 May 2012 by Shin Jae Yeoul, Korean guy. The first investment for this construction is up to 50 million bath with 5,800 square meters. All of 3D illusion paintings are created by famous twelve artists from Korean.

Art in Paradise Park Pattaya

Generally, Art in Paradise Park Pattaya is separated into 10 zones. The first zone is called Diorama which mainly presents the way of life of Thai people in the past. The second zone is focus on underwater world which you will experience the colorful fishes and coral reefs. The third zone and tenth zone are about animals which known as Dinosaurs and animals in the zoo. The rest zones are cultural and traditional around the world such as Egypt, Thai and so on.

This Art in Paradise Park offers the several kind of paintings such as beauty natural, animals and technology for photogenic person. The visitors that love to pose and act with the paintings need to find the right angle to make 3D painting alive. When you visit Art in Paradise, you not only see the beautiful 3D paintings, but you also see the beautiful smile from the face of models.

Art in Paradise Park

Apart from the 3D paintings, you can buy souvenir, canvases and other art suppliers in front of Art in Paradise Park. Moreover, you also can have a drink and snack time there. The small coffee shop is ready to serve and refresh your tiredness after visiting Art in Paradise Park.


You can go to Art in Paradise Park easily, the art gallery is situated on Pattaya second road which is a one way street for car. The Art in Paradise Park is nearby Dolphin Roundabout which is the signature of North Pattaya zone. The visitor can go there by take Songthaew which nearby Pattaya Second Road. Ask more information about schedule at the main station near your accommodations.  Art in Paradise Park also facilitate parking lot for the visitors who drive their personal cars.

Open hours

Art in Paradise Park is opened daily from 9 AM to 9 PM. No need to book in advance. You can buy ticket there directly at the entrance way. The ticket service operates until 8 PM in the evenings.


The ticket for Thai people is 180 baht and 120 bath for adult and children respectively. The ticket price for foreigner is quite higher. For non-Thai visitor, Art in Paradise Park charge adult for 500 baht per person. The children rate is measured by the height.  Children that are shorter than 120 centimeters are subjected to pay 300 baht


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