Alcazar Cabaret Pattaya Thailand

Alcazar Cabaret Pattaya Thailand


Alcazar Cabaret Pattaya

Pattaya is one of the best place that well known for night life. You can find ton of night club, bars and restaurant for hanging at Pattaya. Alcazar Cabaret Pattaya is famous for the best transvestite cabaret show in Thailand.  You can see the outstanding performance from ladies boy with the unique costume and special effects from the stage.

At First, Alcazar Cabaret shown in nightclub with entertain guests who dining in the restaurants. With the stunning show, there were ton of visitors seeing the show every night. As a result, the staffs and manage team imitated to build proper theater for the Cabaret.  Alcazar Cabaret Pattaya was founded on 8 November 1986.Alcaar Cabaret had 1,000 performers and staff to organize the show. With the well reputation, the capacity of 350 seats are not enough to service both domestic and international audiences.  With the high performance over decades, Alcazar Cabaret Pattaya has got the well feedback from fans all over the world. Consequently, Alcazar Cabaret Pattaya need to renovate the theater that have capacity up to 1,200 seats. This big renovate adapted latest technology both lights and sounds to the stage. According to the high standard production after renovation, Alcazar become the most spectacular Cabaret shows in Thailand. It has been the big turning point of Alcazar Cabaret Pattaya since 1990.

Alcazar Cabaret Pattaya

Another highlight of this Alcazar Cabaret Pattaya is that all dancers, singers and staffs are Lady Boys. Alcazar Cabaret Pattaya provide high standard performance which is equivalent as Lido and Moulin Rouge in Paris. According to all staffs and entertainers are lady boys, they were discriminated by Thai and some tourists earlier. However, it was not the main point that discourage all of entertainers and staffs. They have produced the outstanding performance, beautiful choreography, well-coordinated dancers, colorful outfits and great sound and light stage.  The audience would be enjoy the great musical shows up to 17 shows on stage, for example, Aqua Playa, Hello Vietnam, Persian Dance, and Fabulous Russia. All of shows are well prepare and hard practice for a year.

Alcazar Cabaret

When you visit Pattaya, you cannot denying to explore night life there.  Don’t forget to book your schedule to see Alcazar cabaret show. You must be drop your jaw when you see this amazing show from Thai Lady Boys. Generally, there are four rounds of Cabaret Show at 17.00, 18.30, 20.00 and 21.30. Alcazar Cabaret run the show daily. Each show will take time approximately 70 minutes.

For the group booking. Please kind contact us in advance by email to, or call +66 (0) 81 7811703

Alcazar Cabaret Pattaya Thailand

How to get there?

Personal car

If you drive by your personal car, you can fellow the highway No.3 to get there by heading to Choburi province. Then, you should turn right at North Pattaya and drive through Loma Roundabout.  After arriving Loma Roundabout, drive along the side beach and turn left to Soi 5.  It is the one-way road. You will see Alcazar Cabaret Pattaya at the right hand side.

Shuttle bus service

You can use shuttle bus service which pick up you from the downtown of Pattaya. You can ask concierge at your accommodation for the bus schedule.